Monday, 30 July 2012

This is going on my tombstone.

This post is going in my eventual suicide note. No shit.

One day I will be found with my brains on the wall, clutching my pistol, lying next to a spilled bottle of southern comfort and half-empty bottle of xanax. And I will be clutching a printout reading "ALL OF IT WAS PURE GARBAGE."
In my last will and testament I will insist that it is engraved upon my tombstone, picture of the horse included.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dead Roots on Nook

Dead Roots finally turned up for sale on the Nook store. It can be found here next to some awful housewife mystery romance. Next step is a physical copy available through Createspace.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dead Roots on Smashwords!

Dead Roots is now for sale on Smashwords, a space for independent ebook authors. That's me~!

At Smashwords you can download the book in a variety of formats not available on Amazon or Nook, because they are not tied to a proprietary e-reader. It is the place to go for your third-party reader or no-reader alternative.

Stay tuned for a B&N Nook link when it's up.

Dead Roots for sale!

Dead Roots is available now on Amazon.

What's it about?

"The average American encounters eight supernatural beings in a given week. 98% of these occurrences go unnoticed. One in fifty paranormal happenings are aggressive in nature, and of these, only 5% are ever reported. As an Analyst for the Department of Paranormal Study and Defense, Tom Bell's job is to respond to that 5%.

After a routine arrest-and-exorcise op goes wrong, Tom finds himself having one hell of a week. What is the connection between the entity and rich paranormal broker Harold Saldana? Who is the seductive woman in Mirror, the club for the professional possessed? Why is he having nightmares about a single tree in the desert?

And how much of this will matter when a horror from Tom's past literally comes back to haunt him?

How much does it cost?
It will sell for USD $2.99.

I don't have a Kindle.
You don't actually need one. There's a free Kindle app for iPadiPhone and Android tablets and phones. You can also read it on the free Kindle PC app or Kindle Cloud reader. I'm working on getting a PDF for sale here. This will cost a little more in accordance with Amazon's royalty contract.

I liked it! How can I help more?
Please remember to share the book with your friends, review it on your blog if you have one, and leave a review of the book on the Kindle store. Reviews will help the book get more attention.

Other than that, please enjoy the read. That's the most important part.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Dead Roots complete.

Dead Roots, the first volume in the Analyst series, is done. It's been a long year.

Stay tuned for a link to purchase options when it's ready. Just waiting on a cover to come back from my artist and we're go.