Thomas Bell is an analyst for the Department of Paranormal Study and Defense, where he goes toe-to-toe with the invisible supernatural threats that pierce every layer of society, and covers up every trace of their presence. His estranged ex-wife, anxiety and depression, and persistent memories of childhood trauma serve as constant obstacles in his struggle to stay sane in the face of the impossible. Though substance abuse and casual sex will keep the inner demons at bay, the real ones just find more and more to prey on.


 "Wood balances the graphic with the human with a delicate touch."

 "These are monsters of grunge and filth. Monsters of true and real terror."

"This novel is hauntingly beautiful."

"Grabs the reader by the throat and demands their attention."

 "Pulls you in... even better than the first."

"Improves upon its predecessor in every way a good sequel should."

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"Grabs you from page one and does not let go."

"A king amongst horror fiction."

"The book that fans of The Analyst have been waiting to read."

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